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Recruiting: The Key To Thriving Company Culture

“Hiring people is an art, not a science. And resumes can’t tell you whether someone will fit into an organization culture.” – Howard Schultz.

Identifying suitable candidates to fill a position is demanding, and processing these applicants after they undergo the standard hiring processes of interviews and assessments doesn’t get any easier.

The person waiting on the interview pod might just be the one to break your current sales record or elevate your business to a whole new level. But it takes more than good compensation to attract the right employees to your organization. The organizational culture is equally important to youngsters entering the workforce today. 

The recruitment team members are the first people who will interact with a potential employee and must embody the company’s culture.

Importance Of Recruiting And Company Culture

Your company culture refers to “how things are done” in your workplace. It may be embodied in a memo or be a silent guideline.

So what makes a successful company culture? Hiring the right people is key to thriving organization culture, and the recruitment team is responsible for getting that done.

Regardless if your business has been offering products or services for a decade or it’s your first week in the industry, you need people who can do the job well, working for you.

People are the most crucial element in any organization. The organizational structure is pointless without the people. They are the ones who will help the company reach its goals.

During the initial recruiting process, your recruiters should be able to market and showcase your organization’s culture as a benefit. Infographics around the recruitment pods and your company websites should offer a preview of what’s to come for future employees, focusing on a culture of collaboration, acceptance, and appreciation.

Make your core values known; it is in recruitment that applicants get their first share and experience of these values. For example, if part of your organization’s culture promotes open communication, then practice timely feedback to let the applicant know the status of their application.

You can feel the culture of the company almost immediately

Why Is Hiring The Right People Important?

The recruitment team faces added pressure to get capable people to join the organization due to the following reasons:

  • Sets The Tone For Your Organization’s Culture

The combined norms, behaviors, and work ethics of the employees define and dictate the culture of an organization. The tangible and intangible guidelines like the dress code, office layout (not any more thanks to covid), engagement activities, open communication, and resolving conflicts are all components that make your organization’s culture, and these depend on the unique characteristics of your employees.

  • Encourages Growth

The people working for the organization are those laying the groundwork for your startup’s future. Having the right people on board is important, as they will grow with the organization and contribute to its success. 

On the get-go, placing people with the potential to grow means reducing the need to re-hire and filter a new batch of employees. Instead, the company may offer older employees, who understand its principles and endeavors, new leadership positions. In the long run, this entails better performance and employee retention. 

  • Saves Time And Effort

Leadership teams would agree that people management takes time and effort. Having to deal with absenteeism, attrition, and poor performance doubles the effort. 

With the right team members, you can invest more time in running the business instead of worrying if your people are showing up to work and completing their tasks with the quality you  need.

  • Boosts Company Morale

No Startup, whether a sole proprietorship or a 100 million dollar corporation, is or will ever be an island. All organizations thrive when all their team members and departments work together and when they are aware of their respective roles in the organization’s success or failure. 

The need to replace bad hires can disrupt the current workplace system and negatively impact employee productivity and morale especially in tech companies where the attrition is getting higher all the time.

  • Cultivates Excellent Customer Service

Having the right people in your organization fosters respect between customers and employees, regardless of whether you work in the customer service sector.

The interpersonal skills of your employees play a significant role in building a loyal client base. If they can interact well internally, you may expect them to offer the same level of respect, courtesy, and appreciation to your clients and customers.

Attracting The Right Applicants

Today, applicants do their research first about a company before applying. Jobseekers look into reviews and personal feedback from previous employees and current team members as part of their preparation.

And this is where the employees—tenured and newbies, rank and file or executive positions—all come together because the collaboration of shared expectations, norms, and work ethics creates a thriving company culture.

Today, younger candidates are attracted to a workplace that has a casual, transparent, and supportive environment. These candidates are keen on what a company can offer them as young professionals, apart from what they can contribute to the organization.

And for the recruitment team, the compensation is no longer enough to sell a position to the company because the organization’s culture and values are equally important to individuals with the right education, experience, and skills. New hires will thrive, be productive, and be engaged when they fit with the organization’s culture.


Finding candidates who support your organizational culture and share its values can be challenging. But finding that perfect fit can open new opportunities for you and your employees; all while shaping your organization culture; in my case, this was how we scale our company in several countries; the first hires were the ones that later helped us to scale all our new locations.

You cannot create this positive culture overnight, but with the right mix of people and recruitment process, you may be confident that the business is on the right track and that your workforce feels content and valued in their positions.

 And everything begins with a practical, effective, and smart recruiting team!

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