I have been coding and learning about computers since I was a kid, thanks to my father, who is also an engineer. While in school, I realized that I love to create businesses, from selling baseball cards to creating music CDs to sell; that was when I knew that my passion would be creating companies using technology to improve people’s lives.

I didn’t like either the school or university, but (thanks to society), you need to complete “formal” education during this time (in theory, five years). I took a growth mindset path; I structured each semester as a tryout for a startup; that way, I could see if I was good at entrepreneurship or needed to find a “real” job after university. I started building SAAS products and can only continue with one if I break even.

After several semesters, I failed in all of them for several reasons (trying to be too perfect, not having the right team, trusting the wrong people, charging too low, etc.). I realized I was good at building products, so my next startup was Tekton Labs, and it worked. Luckily, it scaled to a good-sized company and is still scaling.

During my journey, I worked on/helped several startups and invested in them and VC Funds. Now, I have created The Boring Holding, where I create and buy companies that focus on boring businesses.

I’m writing this blog and creating content because I want to give back to the entrepreneurship world; when I started my journey, many people helped me, and I genuinely believe that if you can help someone, do it.

Here are some of the companies that I created:

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About Me

About Me

I'm a crazy entrepreneur with a computer science background; I love to create startups and help entrepreneurs worldwide; my motto is: Fail, fail again, fail better!